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Distance Learning


Private Music Lessons

If you live too far from one of our Learning Centers (even outside the USA) and want the best academic tutoring in any school subject. With our virtual learning solutions, you and your tutor or teacher meet for live sessions over the Internet, where today’s savvy students feel right at home with our virtual learning sessions!
You’ll log into a private classroom where you and your tutor/teacher can communicate just as if you were together in a physical classroom instead of a virtual one. All the communication tools are at your fingertips:


  • Visual communication: Your screen works like a whiteboard, just as if your tutor/teacher were teaching you face-to-face.

  • Audio communication: We have the audio technology to let you and your tutor/teacher easily talk to each other.

  • Scheduling flexibility: Make appointments to “meet” your tutor/teacher at times that best fit your schedule.


We’ll give you access to our sophisticated classroom technology that makes these virtual tutoring/teaching sessions both effective and efficient!


We have successfully worked with students living in Australia, South Korea, Canada, Massachusetts, and South Africa. Where can we help you?

Ready to take the first step?
Call (650) 283-6323 to schedule a math tutoring session.

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