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Embark on a science adventure with your child. At RTS Tutoring, we’re passionate about fostering a love of learning. Some children may be uncomfortable or resistant to learning in science classes. Find out how our flexible, personalized tutoring program can connect your child with the essential universe of science. 

Why Science Tutoring is Important

Science covers a wide range of topics and requires memorization, mathematical skills, problem-solving and theoretical understanding. It also builds from year to year, so students who struggle at a particular grade level may continue to find challenges with this broad subject. Our 1-on-1 tutoring approach gives students an opportunity to learn at their pace and ask questions that evoke understanding. Here are some other key benefits of tutoring:

  • Identify learning styles

  • Improve relational learning with a highly trained tutor

  • Connect various skills and topics for increased relevance

  • Promote positive study habits and test preparation

Science Tutoring Subjects

Are you trying to find an elementary school,  middle school, or high school science tutor? If you don’t see the particular topic your child needs assistance with, reach out to our team for more information about what we cover.

Ready To Strive Tutoring Approach

We create a tutoring environment that works for you and your child. We want to instill study habits and a love of learning that fit your child’s personality and personal learning style. We help promote long-lasting mastery of the subject material vital for future educational opportunities.

We hire subject matter experts; while many of our tutors are current or former teachers, we also employ a number of mentors with deep knowledge of the materials and the ability to quickly build a rapport with students. Their work-experience helps them craft personalized learning opportunities based on each student's needs. A one-on-one educational experience is guaranteed to help your child excel.

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