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Advance your child’s education with the best English tutoring support. Whether your elementary school student struggles with reading or your high school student needs to prepare for test preparation, find out how a private English tutor or online English tutor from RTS  can help.


Why Is English Tutoring Important

English courses help your student read, write and analyze texts. Reading and writing are critical elements of everyday life, so success in these subjects is an important start for lifelong learning. The best English tutor empowers your student to think critically, read confidently and write comfortably no matter where they’re starting.

English Tutoring with Successful Results​

Writing, grammar, and vocabulary development are our passion – and we know how to successfully teach your student English concepts while keeping things fun and interactive. Our personal English tutors will identify learning challenges and work with your student to not only pass a course or score well on a test, but to achieve mastery of the English language.
Our tutoring services are strategically designed to offer the maximum impact for K-12 students. When you hire an English tutor through us, you’ll receive:

  • Personalized learning strategies

  • Focused skill and topic practice

  • Relevant test-taking strategies

  • Stress-free study environments

  • Flexible study locations

English Tutoring Subjects

We help students in elementary school, middle school, and high school by providing private English tutors with extensive experience. Our tutoring services can target broad skills related to the English subject, but can also target a single class that may be difficult for your student. If your child is struggling or receiving low grades in one or more of these subjects, consider scheduling an English tutor:

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