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Setting Up Your Homeschool Classroom

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Parents we want to share one of many instructional strategies to think about for this upcoming school year for your little ones that's transitioning into or through primary grades. Children love interacting in different skills throughout the day. Using learning stations at home will help your child learn at their own pace and explore different topics.

Learning Stations

What are Stations?

Stations are different learning centers that includes a card with instructions for the student to complete. Since your child is at home you can create personalize learning stations that your child will enjoy. When thinking about learning stations you can create themes or subtopics and consider the output(goal) for each station. The best thing about stations is it can last for however long you want it to last. For example, you can have stations last for 1-3 days and change the stations each week. If your child is really enjoying working at one station and doesn't want to leave. It's fine to allow your child to work on the other stations the next day.

Why Use Stations?

  1. Easy to Prep: You have everything at home for materials.

  2. Perfect for Technology Balance: Most stations don't require the use of Ipads, computers, tablets which stations can be done without technology. But, some children enjoy using their technology devices, so you can include one station as a "computer lab" station.

  3. Fewer Distractions: Children have a high engagement in learning stations which will limit redirections.

Child Focus: Children are in charge of their learning and can choose which stations they want to work on. Stations provide children with a sense of independence and they're learning that they're getting older.

Parents Are You Ready to Try Stations at Home?

If you need help thinking about topics/subtopics based on grade level alignment for your child send me a message and we can help provide you with some ideas. Also, we would love for you share about your experience with at home learning stations.

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