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Music Class


Private Music Lessons

Our private piano lessons elevates music learning to a whole new level. No need to struggle to learn from a YouTube video or watch a static class. Get real time feedback, ask questions, make rapid progress and get instant confirmation. We offer piano lessons at different levels. 


Group Lessons

Group lessons are available and taught at all levels, up to a 60-minute duration


Meet our music instructor

Mai L.

I'm an immigrant from Vietnam who came to the US about a decade ago. I learned and played the piano since I was a teenager, and ended up becoming a piano instructor, as well as the main organist at my church.


All together, I have played and instruct piano lessons to students for more than twenty years of my adulthood.

Girl in Piano Class


Ages 5-12

  •  One-on-One Lesson 

  •  30 Minutes 

  •  Download music lessons at any time 

  •  Phone & Email Support

Teacher and Pupil at Piano Lesson


All ages

  •  One-on-One Lesson 

  •  45-60 Minutes 

     Download music lessons at any time

     Phone & Email Support

Piano Recital


Ages 12 and up

  •  One-on-One Lesson 

  •  45-60 Minutes 

     Download music lessons at any time

     Phone & Email Support

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